Please help me choose a Grocket drabble to work on?


  1. Groot helping Rocket Raccoon with chores.
  2. Rocket Raccoon and Groot dancing.
  3. Groot taking care of an injured Rocket Raccoon.
  4. Groot and Rocket Raccoon as children playing together.
  5. Rocket Raccoon giving Groot a piggyback ride.
  6. Groot and Rocket Raccoon going to an event that requires formal attire.

Another group of generated prompts. I can’t decide, so I want votes on which ones you’d like to see!

death-star510 asked:

Groot & Rocket - Capernoited & Strikhedonia


YEAHHHH FUCKIN TREES AND FUCKIN RACCOONS god help me. movie characterization just in case the comic characterization is different cos god knows i aint read em.

Capernoited - Slightly intoxicated or tipsy.
Rocket has never seen Groot drunk, but he can’t say it’s not for lack of trying. Groot would drink anything as long as there was some water in it, but even the hardest liquor had no effect on the big guy.

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